Where to stay in Washington

Where is the best area to stay in Washington DC?


The National Mall is the national downtown park in Washington DC that hosts the main tourist attractions in Washington DC.

From east to west you can visit the Washington Monument,  the National Museum of History, National Museum of Natural History, The Newmuseum, the National Museum of Air and Space, The Capitol and the Congress Library.

To the left of the National Mall and next to it, there is the West Potomac Park, which houses two other attractions: the Lincoln Memorial and Korean War Veterans Memorial.


To the North of the National Mall there is the White House and then the extensive Washingnton DC Downtown, without any doubt the best place to stay in Washington DC.

Best hotels on Washington center

Best hotelsRankingPrice/night
5 stars hotels
The Jefferson Washington DC 3258 - 366$
The St. Regis W DC 5256 - 363$
Park Hyatt Washington 10200 - 284$
The Hay-Adams 20222 - 315$
4 stars hotels
Palomar Washington DC 1136 - 193$Recomended best value
Sofitel W DC 2159 - 225$
Hotel George Whashington 4119 - 168$
Willard Intercontinental Washington 8209 - 296$
Monaco WDC 11159 - 225$
The Westin Georgetown 12136 - 193$
The Fairmont Washington DC 18156 - 221$
3 stars hotels
Carlyle Suites Hotel 6118 - 167$
Topaz 7119 - 168$
Embassy Suites Washington 9128 - 181$
Helix 1395 - 134$
Rouge 15215 - 305$
2 stars hotels
Madera 16113 - 160$

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