Where to stay in Venice

Where is the best area to stay in Venice?


Although Venice is a multitude of islands, we can recognize the tourist Venice as a small island connected by the Liberty Bridge to the Grand Canal as its centrepiece.

Piazza San Marco with its Venetian towers is tourist the icon of the city. Near Plaza San Marco there are two of the main attractions of the city: the Basilica of San Marco and the Palcio Ducale.

Walking from Piazza San Marco you can access to one of the main tourist attraction of Venice, The Rialto Bridge, the most important of the four which crosses the Grand Canal.

Best hotels on Venice center

Best hotelsRankingPrice/night
5 stars hotels
Centurion Palace 53376 - 534$
Ca Sagredo Hotel 55440 - 625$
Luna Hotel Baglioni 57505 - 716$
4 stars hotels
Al Ponte Antico Hotel 2400 - 568$
Hotel Canal Grande 3240 - 341$Recomended best value
Ruzzini Palace Hotel 8395 - 561$
Oltre il Giardano 9380 - 539$
Hotel Londra Palace 10380 - 540$
AD Place Venice 11247 - 350$
Hotel a La Commedia 12412 - 585$
Hotel Palazzo Stern 14340 - 483$
3 stars hotels
Hotel Antiche Figure 4200 - 284$
Hotel Ca Dogaressa 5172 - 244$
Hotel Al Duca di Venezia 13149 - 212$
Hotel American Dinesen 22248 - 351$
Hotel Becher 25198 - 281$
2 stars hotels
Hotel Al Ponte Mocenigo 1152 - 215$

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