Where to stay in Stockholm

Where is the best place to stay in Stockholm?

Like in most large European cities, the best area to stay in Stockholm is the center of the city and its adjacent neighborhoods. The historic center of Stockholm is known as the Gamla Stan, literally "bridges between city" and is one of the old towns of medieval origin best preserved in Europe. 


The problem with the area of Gamla Stan is the lack of accommodation and above all high-class hotels. So if we are looking to stay in hotels of four and five stars have to go north neighborhoods Östermalm and Norrmalm, or south on Södermalm. 


Södermalm is one of 14 islands of Stockholm and is recognized as the bohemian area of ​​the city with many shops and original spaces. Norrmalm is the main downtown district of Stockholm a residential area plenty of shops and restaurants. Östermal is the most exclusive area of the city and is home to fashionable and decoration shops.

Best hotels on Stockholm center

Best hotelsRankingPrice/night
5 stars hotels
Lydmar Hotel2355 - 461$
Grand Hôtel Stockholm3320 - 416$
Nobis Hotel6309 - 401$
4 stars hotels
Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel1312 - 405$
Hotel Rival4199 - 258$
Elite Eden Park Hotel5175 - 227$Recomended best value
3 stars hotels
Central Hotel7208 - 270$
Lilla Rådmannen8194 - 252$
Hotell ANNO 16479204 - 265$
2 stars hotels
Old Town Lodge1061 - 79$

On the map you can check out the best hotels to stay in Stockolm best areas.


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