Where to stay in Port Aventura

Hotels and resorts near Port Aventura

If you want to visit Port Aventura you have two accommodation options in order to be near the park. The first option is to stay in one of four official hotels: Hotel PortAventura, Hotel El Paso, Hotel Caribe and Hotel Gold River. The second option is to stay in the town of Salou, the nearest town to the park. 


Salou is known as a major tourist destination on the Costa Dorada and has a wide range of hotels and resorts, some of which are located less than a kilometer from Port Aventura. Choosing your accommodation in Salou will make your stay more cheaply and you can also enjoy all the amenities and attractions offered by the city. 


Needless to say that the main attraction is its beaches, so you may also be interesting to stay in hotel near the beach and also near Port Aventura. Best Location Hotels offers you the best hotels and resorts to stay close to Port Aventura. Choose the one that suits you.

Best hotels on Port Aventura center

Best hotelsRankingPrice/night
4 stars hotels
Hotel Port Aventura1334 - 434$Price: hotel + Port Aventura ticket
Hotel El Paso2330 - 429$Price: hotel + Port Aventura ticket
Hotel Caribe3224 - 291$Price: hotel + Port Aventura ticket
Hotel Gold River4210 - 273$Price: hotel + Port Aventura ticket
Blaumar9199 - 258$
3 stars hotels
Hotel California Garden5115 - 149$
Medplaya Hotel Calypso6175 - 227$
Hotel Jaime I7151 - 196$
Santa Monica Playa 8160 - 208$
Hotel Planas1085 - 110$

On the map you can see the best hotels to stay near Port Aventura.


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