Where to stay in Munich

Munich city center

If you want to visit Munich, arguably the best area to stay is the city center. The very center of Munich is Marienplatz Square and the closer we get to it the most central we will be.

All interesting to visit in the city is in Munich city center: the Marienplatz, where we can find the Town Hall with its famous carillon and the oldest church in Munich (Peterskirke) from which we can see the best views of the old city; the Cathedral, known as the Frauenkirche and popular for its onion-shaped domes; Viktualienmarkt, the quaint market town, the city Museum with its collection of puppets and the Royal Palace (Residenz) with its museums.

The center of Munich also makes available a wide range of shops and restaurants, and is well connected to the airport by train and to the rest of the city by metro.

Best hotels on Munich center

Best hotelsRankingPrice/night
5 stars hotels
Rocco Forte The Charles Hotel1391 - 508$
Mandarin Oriental 2475 - 617$
Bayerischer Hof7350 - 455$
4 stars hotels
Hotel Torbräu3255 - 331$
Platzl Hotel4210 - 273$
Louis Hotel5299 - 388$
3 stars hotels
Hotel am Viktualienmarkt6132 - 171$Recomended best value
Mercure Hotel München Altstadt8156 - 202$
Hotel Schlicker9150 - 195$
Asam Hotel München10139 - 180$

On the map that shows Munich city centre are located a selection of the best hotels where you can stay.


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