Where to stay in Madrid

Where is the best area to stay in Madrid?

The centre of Madrid concentrates all the major attractions of interest to visitors and is therefore the best area to stay.


The Puerta del Sol Plaza, not only represents the centre of Madrid but  also represents the centre of Spain. It is the meeting point of locals who come downtown to enjoy its bars, restaurants, theatres, shopping and other leisure activities.


It can be seen in the map that the main attractions of Madrid are concentrated in the city centre: Prado Museum, Retiro Park, Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, Plaza Santa Ana, El Museo Thyssen Thyssen-Bomemisza , El Museo Nacional de Arte Reina Sofia.


The main entertainment and shopping streets are also in the centre of Madrid: Gran Via, recently reborn as a centre of entertainment with the conversion of old theatres in theatres for musicals, Serrano Street, which houses the main luxury shops and the Castellana Walk where there is the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium and some ministries.

Best hotels on Madrid center

Best hotelsRankingPrice/night
5 stars hotels
The Westin Palace Madrid 11249 - 354$
4 stars hotels
BEST WESTERN Atlántico 1140 - 199$
Hotel Preciados 2139 - 197$
Catalonia Las Cortes 6137 - 194$
Hotel Liabeny 10112 - 159$Recomended best value
Intur Palacio San Martin 16112 - 159$
3 stars hotels
Hotel Regina 12144 - 204$
Hotel Room Mate Laura 13107 - 151$
Hotel Room Mate Alicia 15125 - 177$
Hotel Europa 28102 - 134$
Hotel Moderno 30104 - 148$

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Other areas to stay in Madrid

While the Puerta del Sol Plaza is certainly the best place to stay in Madrid, there are many other regions that have excellent accommodation and access to the best parts of Madrid. The following neighbourhoods and areas all have unique charm and characteristics about them. Madrid is a very vibrant city and different regions of the city may appeal to different personality types. Some neighbourhoods have a very vibrant nightlife scene, while other areas offer more peaceful scenes.

Plaza Santa Ana

Within walking distance to incredible sights such as the Prado, the Palace, the Reina Sofia and the Thyssen, this neighbourhood has plenty of places to eat that are open quite late. Renting an apartment here is an affordable and comfortable accommodation option.

La Latina

This neighbourhood is near the Plaza Mayor and offers some of the best tapas and cuisine options in the city centre. Although not particularly quiet or upscale, this neighbourhood is close to many tourist destinations and has easy access to the city centre.


For budget travellers this neighbourhood offers cheap accommodation. Because of its immigration culture, there are many ethnic food stores and small boutique shops. It is ideally located within walking distance of the Reina Sofia and other cultural museums. For a unique experience away from the major tourist hotels of Madrid, this is an ideal place.


One of the most upscale areas around the city centre, this area provides good access to the city centre which is a metro ride away. Here features fancy and comfortable accommodation, but of course it comes with a price tag. There are many luxury shops, expensive boutiques and restaurants to eat at. It is one of the safest neighbourhoods around Madrid because of its wealthy status.


This neighbourhood is home to a large gay community and has a fun, vibrant party culture. Most clubs are open all hours of the night and it is a very lively place. There are plenty of good options for accommodation available in this hip and funky area.


Known for its artists and fashion, this neighbourhood is considerably young and bohemian and offers a funky and edgy vibe. This makes it quite an appealing place to be away from the dominant tourist areas, but still has access to the city centre. For a hipster experience that will be quite unique, staying in a hotel or hostel here will be enjoyable.

Alonso Martinez

Within walking distance to central Madrid, this area has excellent hotels available. It is close to the river and has easy access to bars and clubs to enjoy the nightlife of the city. There are plenty of places to eat and plenty of things to do if staying in this area. 

Los Austrias

This area is filled with medieval and renaissance architectural charm. The Plaza Mayor is close by and can be accessed walking. Many hotels and budget style hostels are available in this part of Madrid.

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