Where to stay in Lisbon

Where is the best location to stay in Lisbon?

The main area of tourist attraction in Lisbon's historic center. So if we are thinking of enjoying a leisure break a few days it is best to stay as close to the center. Within the historic center, La Baixa is the main attraction for visitors. As is indicated on the map The Baixa is the flat area in a grid at the bottom of the hill where the castle.

The streets of the Baixa (the lower) are now a commercial and tourist bustle, but retain the flavor and bohemian Lisbon aniguo. The main attractions to visit in the area of ​​the Baixa are Restauradores Square, Rossio Square, La Rua Agusta, The Commerce Square and the Santa Justa Elevator that leads to the Castle of St. George.

The area of ​​the Baixa do not have much choice of hotels with so you should stay to the north in the modern part of town but close to the historic center.

Best hotels on Lisbon center

Best hotelsRankingPrice/night
5 stars hotels
Atlis Avenida Hotel8250 - 325$
Hotel Avenida Palace9200 - 260$
Sofitel Lisbon Liberdade11195 - 253$
4 stars hotels
Britania Hotel1140 - 182$
Heritage Av Liberdade3192 - 249$
Solar do Castelo6183 - 237$
Hotel Vincci Baixa20150 - 195$
3 stars hotels
Browns' Downtown Hotel14169 - 219$
Dom Carlos Liberty Lisboa2290 - 117$Recomended best value
2 stars hotels
Pensao Residencial Portuense3850 - 65$

On the map, that shows the best location to stay in Lisbon, you can check out the best hotel rated by the users. Enjor your stay in Lisbon!


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