Where to stay in Florence

Where is the best area to stay in Florence?

Visiting Florence you have to stay in the ancient quarter to enjoy its palaces, squares, museums and countless monuments and notable buildings.

Duomo Square is the geographical and historical centre of Florence. From Piazza del Duomo, which houses the Duomo (cathedral) with its Campanile and Baptistery, you can walk to the major tourist attractions of the city: Ponte Vecchio, the Accademia Gallery (which houses the Michelangelo's David ) or the Uffizi Gallery, where you can enjoy the famous painting by Botticelli: The Birth of Venus.

The historic centre also hosts many craft shops and gourmet restaurants of gastronomically interest.

Best hotels on Florence center

Best hotelsRankingPrice/night
5 stars hotels
Palazzo Magnani Feroni 9300 - 426$
Golden Tower Hotel 10330 - 468$
Four Seasons Florence 11550 - 781$
4 stars hotels
Santa Maria Novella Hotel 12297 - 422$
NH Porta Rossa 14197 - 280$Recomended best value
Hotel L'Orologio 17255 - 362$
Hotel Berchielli 20206 - 292$
Hotel Degli Orafi 27251 - 356$
3 stars hotels
Hotel Davanzati 1145 - 205$
Il Guelfo Bianco 5151 - 214$
Hotel Palazzo Guadagni 6150 - 213$
Hotel Benivieni 15128 - 181$
2 stars hotels
Hotel Casci 4210 - 298$
Hotel Alessandra 8110 - 156$

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Hotels by areas

Where to stay near Duomo (Florence Cathedral): Hotel Benivieni, Hotel Casci, Hotel il Guelfo Bianco and Hotel Davanzati


Where to stay near Ponte Vechio: Hotel Degli Orafi, Hotel Alessandra, Hotel Berchielli, Hotel NH Porta Rossa, Golden Tower Hotel and Hotel Davanzati.


Where to stay near Uffizi: Hotel Degli Orafi and Hotel Davanzati.


Where to stay near Gallery of the Academy: Hotel Casci, Hotel il Guelfo Bianco and Four Seasons Florence.