Where to stay in Boston

Where is the best area to stay in Boston?


If you travel to Boston, the city has two main areas where to stay which have all the atmosphere and the hotels in Boston: the Downtown, the old Boston, or the Back Bay neighbourhood, located just below the Downtown along the Charles River.

It is interesting to stay near a subway station in Boston (T), to visit both neighbourhoods. If you want to watch a Red Sox match you’d better stay in Back Bay as it is home to Fenway Park.

For a quick sightseeing you’d better stay in the city centre or Boston Downtown where you can enjoy the old Boston walking through its streets and some of its major tourist attractions like the Freedom Trail, the Science Museum or the Aquarium.

Best hotels on Boston center

Best hotelsRankingPrice/night
5 stars hotels
Boston Harbor Hotel 5429 - 609$
Mandarin Oriental Boston 12315 - 448$
Four Seasons Hotel Boston 13440 - 630$
4 stars hotels
Hotel Commonwealth 1219 - 310$
The Lenox Hotel 2238 - 337$
XV Beacon 3301 - 427$
The Back Bay Hotel 4246 - 350$
Fairmont Battery Wharf 6185 - 263$Recomended best value
Ames A Morgans Original 8214 - 303$
Nine Zero Hotel 9290 - 411$
Colonnade Hotel 10212 - 301$
3 stars hotels
The Inn At St Botolph 7250 - 355$
Radisson Hotel Boston 11197 - 279$
Courtyard Marriot Boston 15211 - 299$
Marriott`s Custom House 17300 - 426$
2 stars hotels
Chandler Inn 33148 - 210$

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