Where to stay in Barcelona Beach

Hotels near Barcelona Beaches

If you are deciding where to stay in Barcelona,  staying by Barcelona beaches can be a good option, even more in summer time. In the map we have selected the nearest hotels to Barcelona beaches. Most of the are hihg category hotels. If you can afford it,  we recommend you to try Hotel Arts or Hotel W Barcelona, two of the most luxury hotels in Barcelona. Hotel Arts use to be considered the best hotel in Barcelona since in 2009 W Barcelona openned. Nowadays, W Barcelona is considered the best hotel in Barcelona.


Barcelona beaches are quiet clean and with a great ambient during hootest seasons. The principal beaches are San Miquel beach, La Barceloneta beach, Nova Icaria beach, El Bogatell beach and La Mar Bella beach.


Best hotels on Barcelona Beach center

Best hotelsRankingPrice/night
5 stars hotels
Hotel Arts Barcelona24521 - 739$
Pullman Barcelona Skipper30195 - 276$
W Barcelona34334 - 474$
4 stars hotels
Hotel 4 Barcelona10598 - 139$Recomended best value
Barcelo Atenea Mar117105 - 149$
Icaria Hotel Barcelona125112 - 159$
Hesperia del Mar187117 - 166$
Rafaelhoteles Diagonal Port22999 - 140$
3 stars hotels
Hotel 54 Barceloneta256109 - 154$

The map shows the best hotels to stay near Barcelona beaches.

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Where to stay before a cruise, for nightlife, safe, with family and on a budget

Where yo stay before a cruise: as you can see on themap, staying near Barcelona beaches, you will stay near the port cruise and the cruise terminals.


Where to stay for nightlife: Pullman Barcelona Skipper and Hotel Arts barcelona, are located just by one of the most vibrant area for nightlife with some of the greatest clubs in Barcelona such us Opium Mar, Shoko and CDLC.


Where to stay safe: there are no safety problems is these areas near the beaches.


Where to stay with family: most hotels provide family rooms and these neighborhoods near the beaches are ideal to stay with kids.


Where to stay on a budget: there are just a few hostels near the beaches. So if you want to stay on a budget better look other areas.