Where to stay in San Francisco

Where is the best area to stay in San Francisco?

San Francisco's city center hosts the best and most valued hotels in the city.


Union Square is not only the name of the square but of all of its surrounding area, known for its shopping, hotels, theaters and art galleries. Walking from Union Square you can access the famous San Francisco's cablecar and Chinatown.


There is no doubt, in order to be in the heart of the city, the best area for your hotel is to be near Union Square.

Best hotels on San Francisco center

Best hotelsRankingPrice/night
5 stars hotels
Mandarin Oriental19334 - 475$
The Ritz-Carlton20351 - 498$
St. Regis Hotel San Francisco28337 - 478$
Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco30400 - 568$
4 stars hotels
Omni San Francisco Hotel3242 - 343$
The Orchard Hotel7135 - 191$Recomended best value
Hotel Monaco San Francisco9222 - 315$
Orchard Garden Hotel14145 - 206$
Hotel Palomar San Francisco 15263 - 374$
The Fairmont San Francisco36178 - 252$
3 stars hotels
The Donatello4127 - 181$
The Inn at Union Square6190 - 269$
Chancellor Hotel on Union Square1098 - 139$Recomended best value
White Swan Inn12118 - 168$
Hotel Rex13128 - 181$
Petite Auberge16112 - 159$
The Kensington Park Hotel29200 - 284$
2 stars hotels
Hotel Mayflower3979 - 112$
Adante Hotel15674 - 105$
1 stars hotels
Astoria Hotel13044 - 62$
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